Saturday, February 19, 2011

Which one?

So I have been doing some daily sculpts here trying to figure out what my next subject will look like. I have a general idea, I know it will be some sort of insectoid being so I narrowed a few down to these so now I would like to know which ones everyone likes  the look of the most?

I have this idea of an alien Victorian age, so like extravagant colors, intricate designs and the appearance of some sort of relative intelligence. Obviously I have no bodies yet but I like to have the base head shape, and design guide the rest of my characters. Anyway let me know what you think!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Lunch

Ullo! About 2 hours or so on this, just doodling, becoming more and more hungry :) Really wish I could stumble across this in a forest...


Thursday, February 10, 2011

a crap, sorry, dont seem to link external another try:

hello there, recieved the 3d print! pretty happy with it:

big pics:

Saturday, February 5, 2011


hello everyone, been away for a while and couldnt post since i had problem with my password that's sorted, here are some works ive been playing with while i was away...
first, i entered i quick contest on, nothing lijke DW bute was a cool way to keep away from rusting :)
the theme was "take an animal, and make him a comic hero" i chose a Sloth, and wolverine lol not the best match i know, but at the timei thought it was cool lol

so i tried to make him look lasy and at teh same time "wolvie" lol
ended up getting first place (o did i mention that the price was a 20cm 3d print of the entry?? :):)
so waiting for my little figurine, made by me (which is pretty awesome to have ;) )

will post pics of the real thing when i get it but for now, here are the rushed pivs i took for the entry (couldnt finish it the way i wanted but well who cares haha)

zbrush with basic matcaps:

decimated version that fits printing requirements:

and the render tests from the printing compagny:

after that, i decided to start a more realistic project, but didnt advanced much on this, its based on a friend of mine, i used facebook profile pics as ref, he got a very interesting head shape, and he's bold, and an MMA fighter, all parts of why i chose him :)
planning on putting him in an armor type of age of iron or vikings...or Kingdom type :)
well, its very early stage, only worked on the topology and sclupted the ears so far...
next will be eyes, nose etc... and body eventually hehe