Saturday, February 19, 2011

Which one?

So I have been doing some daily sculpts here trying to figure out what my next subject will look like. I have a general idea, I know it will be some sort of insectoid being so I narrowed a few down to these so now I would like to know which ones everyone likes  the look of the most?

I have this idea of an alien Victorian age, so like extravagant colors, intricate designs and the appearance of some sort of relative intelligence. Obviously I have no bodies yet but I like to have the base head shape, and design guide the rest of my characters. Anyway let me know what you think!


  1. number 1, second raw and number 2 first raw...
    keep it up :)

  2. Top right for me :D He looks unique!

  3. nice start. yes, top right is unique although not very insect like - more fish/serpent i'd say.

    i like middle left and lower right, both are compact and could give the character some massiness.

    none of them looks dangerous; all more cute. try having more pairs of eyes like spiders. and work on the silhouette. at the moment they are a bit boring and hard to read...