Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have a small update. did some sculpting. separated eyes and teeth.
and retopo. to see where this is going I made a quick overpaint.

last post from feb 19? time to add more!
now that c2 is final it's time to pick up some old free time stuff.

have been working on this lady for a while.
inspired by artists like: Arthur de Pins, Dave Cooper, Mat Dixon.

let me know what you think.
main shapes are in place (i hope) + started refining/detailing.


  1. nice start :) some fresh air fromall those perfect and "realistic" female models we're used to...
    you'll be retopoing it soon i guess? :)

  2. yeah. a task for 3d-coat. by the way, would you recommend to separate the eyes?

  3. the eyes are very wide, but it would probably help making them less blended with the skin. Also ull be able to animate this :)
    so yes, i'd make them seperate and adjuste the head shape to it.

  4. awesome update, the seperation really helped define her character! like the direction for the colouring, very "vivid"..keeps the cartoony feel of it :)
    you might try a differetn hair cut, that fit more her head shape, as at the moment they accentuate her facial exageration.Maybe something that will bring back some realism to it :)
    either way, good progress :)
    keep it up

  5. can definitely see some dave cooper in her, put more blubber on her!