Monday, March 7, 2011

rush job!

this post i mean, not my pic

hadnt checked on here in a while... as there didnt seem to be anyone else on here - but encouraged to see some activitiy! Hopefully it'll keep busy around here for a while yet...well at least until the sun comes out (yay spring!)


  1. awesome, really like it, saw it posted elsewhere, cant remember where though :)
    great stuff ;)

  2. Ooooh nice nice, lotsa detail in there :o

  3. abe > thanks, well i posted it pretty much everywhere, so no wonder you saw it :)

    lady T > yes, the detail is what made me cry on a few occassions!

  4. Great stuff Aidan !
    Always nice to see a little bit of ass crack. :)
    Crazy detail on the ships, I like it.

  5. thanks fred, i aim to please!