Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloweek sketch 4

a zombiefied version of a quick drawing i did at a burlesque lifedrawing session thats on here in nottingham every couple of months..


  1. Awesome man, you just sent this blog to a new page:)
    Btw, hwo about a small process, or how-to vid? I really like the way you paint, and actually got a sketch here of my own I did the other day (still not ready for posting here, but you can have a look on my blog:, and I wanna paint it. But am kinda stuck:(

  2. Ace! love it!I second the tut request haha

  3. i dont know if i'm in a position to be doing a tutorial of any sort - i really just blunder through it all.

    I'd be happy to put up a wip/progress pic though, so stay tuned!