Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A pinup attempt

Did this last night in ~2 hours. Everything from imagination, only referenced some bridgeman anatomy stuff for the lower back, the rest are the fruits of studying:). Done using Caran d' Ache pencil (loving it!

And here is the prelimenary sketch (pen):

Hope you like!



  1. Thanks dude! Just finished leaving you a comment myself! Great things you got there! Appreciate the comment:)

  2. Yo Dimi,

    Wow, I guess those life drawing classes are paying of.
    Great job man.And good to see some 2d stuff.

    A few "suggestions"...
    To me it seems the nose wing is a bit too defined. And on pretty ladies like this that can look abit unatractive.
    I also think the hip bone sticking out is a bit to strong/hard. It looks anatomically correct, but I think she would look much more atractive with some softer curves. Also the waist I would thin out a bit, hehe.

    Legs are ace!
    How about penning this one out with a lightbox, or in PS ?

  3. good work! and if you havent got them already get work to get some Vilpuu anatomy videos. Theyre the best!

    Also, going through this myself at the moment - recommended!


  4. Haha, nice! Yea, I got both Vilpuu and Mike Mattesi's book. In fact, I am also signed up at his educational site:
    He has wonderful videos to accompany the entire book, as well he holds critiques of works every once in a while. He also does a 1hr lecture every month. It is really cheap - 50$US to enroll for 6 months. I really found a ton of stuff from his things helpful. You can check on my blog, I tried following his advice, and still am trying, maybe not as eagerly as I should be, though....
    Btw, in regards to anatomy, you might want to try and find some vids by Robert Beverly Hale (well, more like vids OF him, as they are since the middle of the last century). Really useful stuff!

  5. dimitry - i'll do a google for mr. hale right this second...