Friday, October 22, 2010

old wips

hello there!
here is my first contricbution, i got billions of WIPS but those two are the ones i am updating at themoment, the first is a Darstalker character, Donovan, that i never finished, only meant for a render, is a zbrush render:

the second started as a test for zbrush 4 but will take him to full completion eventually, after i find the time to retopo...

C&C welcome ;)


  1. Hey Abe,
    That's some cool stuff man.
    The assymetry on the second image works really well I think. Finish that one for sure.

    First image is pretty cool as well, but Im not a big fan of that zbrush shading.
    Good job on the cloth. It's a bit dense on folds, but it has the weight and feel of cloth.

    Keep it comin dude.


  2. Hey man!

    Some really cool stuff here:)

    First image - the folds at the front are not consistent with the flow of the cloth on the sides. I cannot read where the tension comes from clearly. Maybe a bit too many of them. Also having a wider range of the wrinkle sizes could help.
    - The pose could be a bit stronger in general. There is no strong line of action happening, which would attribute a lot more to the character.
    - Kudos on the anatomy! Looking pretty damn good! I would however maybe increase the size of his pecs comparaed to his arms. They are seriously huge compared to the rest. I have a hard time believing a guy can develope such massive deltoids without developing bigger pectorals:)
    - something feels off on the feet. They feel a tad too small, as well, the upper arch of the foot is not reading too well.

    Second image:
    - Not much to say man, I love the expression! I'd love to see how it turns out!

    Ok, done commenting:) I hope you will tear me a new one as well on my posts! Keep up the amazing stuff man!

  3. nothing terribly constructive to say, just nice job on both pieces.