Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thanks for teh comment guys!
for the capcom guy, there are few things i would change, but will keep him that way, anatomy is not finished (only legs are lol) and not too happy with the cloth (wanted it to be very wrinkly as i wanted to render it eventually with a silk fabric, therefore detail would be lost etc...) btu maybe i overdone it lol
for the proportion, im gonna keep him that wasy, as i wanted to keep the exagerated look of Darkstalker characters :)

here is a version of him with a more neutral shader, all rendered in zbrush so far so wont be the final look for the coloured one as i planed on pesting at you guys to help me with the max renderer :)

also here are some old WIPs ill get back to once done with him...


  1. New to the site here! Very cool stuff guys! :-)

  2. that fat octopus tentacle guy is great!

  3. This pic has tons of personality to it, I love it!

  4. Totally dig the fatsy. He is into some kinky stuff. Nice touch adding the shoulder plate.
    It adds some contrast to the fat organics.